Sunday, March 6, 2011

Strike 2

    In an attempt to take my second fish of 2011, I devoted my Saturday to fishing. 
    We piled into the suburban at about 11:00 to head over to pick up the Z8 from the shop and fish Anna for the afternoon.  However, upon arriving, loading the boat, and launching, the dreaded beep in the ignition told us the battery was dead.
    We arrived home at about 3:00, and my fire was still burning, so I said, "I'll hit the creek."  A half hour later I was standing next to the roaring creek tying on a black CK Nymph.  Thoughts of Pickerel are still running through my head.  The VDGIF calendar says that pickerel are now spawing, but of course that doesn't mean they're here yet.  Ten miles of bridges, waterfalls, and beaver dams have to be navigated first. 
    I hiked downstream this time, rerouting often to navigate beaver fields and overflows.  These guys are really affecting the fishery that once was, I need to do something about that--but I digress.

    It is quite easy to tell, just by examining a few pools in the creek, whether the fish have come or not--it is quite black and white this far up.  Even in the winter, the creek is devoid of the smallest minnows.  It was quickly evident that the run had not been made yet, even below the dam.  But as fishing is just as theraputic as it is fun for me, I enjoyed pretending, casting to fish who had not yet felt the spawing urge.

    Next weekend, yes, next weekend will be the time.  I'll be ready.

Spring Fever

    My Cunningham Creek outing was an annual marker of the release of the winter-time tension I regard as spring fever.  This weekend I made another attempt at my first fish of 2011.

    My grandparents have a lake house in a small town in eastern Va.  Every year we make several trips to visit them and our cousins.  Fishing is a major perk here, as the Crappie fishing is excellent.  This time, I only brought along my fly rod--I was going to make my first fish of the year come on the excellent rod I got for my birthday. 

    After two different ponds and three different flies, I finally pulled my first fish from the water--a small bluegill. 

    I usually catch my first fish of the year without knowing it was the first, I guess I'm just not a head counter.  However, I do enjoy setting goals for myself, and after seeing the headline in Field & Stream I thought I'd make it my February mission. 

    My little 3 weight handled a four ounce bluegill beautifully, and I can't wait to try it out on a thirteen inch trout!