Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Maiden Voyage

    I hinted earlier that I had something to look forward to in the spring following Christmas, well this is it.
    I couldn't wait for the weather to warm to launch my new Emotion Mojo fishing kayak.  Why should I?  Although tougher, it is more than possible to catch pond fish in the middle of winter.  I carried my new craft to the banks of the neighborhood pond get one trip under my belt, and to prove that I could catch fish here in the cold months.

    I spent a few minutes initially learning the strokes, but after that it all seemed natural.  I quickly located the creek channel in the pond, dropped a spoon, and boated a lethargic Largie.
    With part of my quest accomplished, I now wanted to explore a little, so I pointed the bow of my kayak towards the feeder creek to go explore the marshier side of the pond.  Slowly approaching the creek, I caught a glimpse of several white heads--which I knew immediately to be Geese.  I slipped my Nikon out of it's dry bag and focused on the closest bird.  After snapping a quick picture, a gray outline to my left caught my eye.  A motionless heron stood in the reeds waiting for a chance meal; and he too was preserved forever.

    I only pulled off a few pictures before both the Heron and the Geese got uncomfortable and fled, but I still heard movement at the edge of the woods.  A few more subtle paddle dips and I was surprised by the thunderous wing-beating of Mergansers escaping to the twin pond on the other side of the ridge.  The pics I managed to pull from that experience were less appealing.
    I noticed a chill not previously present in the winter air, and when I reversed the kayak to pursue another fish the only warmth was disappearing behind the pine-covered ridge in a flaming escape.  My time was limited, and I knew I could boat another Largemouth.  So why not?  I scoured the deepest points in the creek channel for just ten minutes before I hooked another one on my chrome and blue spoon.
    The sun was almost gone when I planted the bow of the kayak on the grassy bank and dragged it to the nearest road to be picked up by my dad.  My first trip was a success, and now I have some ideas as to what modifications I can make to my watercraft.  Can't wait till spring rolls around!

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