Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Southern Culture on the Fly Online Magazine launched back in 2011, bringing the virtually-inclined fly fisherman a taste of what fly fishing really is in the South--farm ponds, mountain trout, salt, oxbows--and with all the brilliant, terse, shorthanded wit that makes the South, well...

        SCOF does well to recognize the alternative side to fly fishing; and to anglers in the South, SCOF brings relevant content, apart from the majority of fly fishing material out there, that highlights the West and its horse-perched, trout-touting fishermen.  Not that I don't love the idea of a pudgy brown's smooth flesh spilling over my two cupped hands...you get the point.  These guys get it.

        Anyway, the point is, the SCOF Winter 2014 issue is up and live from the boys in Asheville.  Check it.

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