Saturday, February 1, 2014


"Only the River Knows"is a tale of a young Scandinavian bumming around New Zealand's South Island.  When he discovers a journal, left by a previous fisherman, Lars Lenth, in a cabin by a river of great bounty, the stories within lead him to idolize Lenth and his adventures on the island two decades before.  But what happened to Lenth after abandoning the journal and leaving the cabin and the island?

        More literary in nature than other fly fishing films, "Only the River Knows" is a story of perseverance, idols, and fishing, but not without the excitement and wonder that comes with fishing unseen rivers full of giant brown trout in the rainforests of New Zealand.

        It's still not above "Eastern Rises" in my book, but it is a great film, and one worth watching!  Check out the trailer below!

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