Sunday, December 25, 2011

Full Court Press

    After an uneventful beginning to the 2011-12 deer season, and very few outings, the empty space in the chest freezer nags at me constantly.  I thoroughly enjoy deer hunting, and the thought of how little I've done this year, combined with the low numbers of deer that have been observed in the woods behind our subdivision, are equally as depressing.  My outings this year have been limited to these very woods, I have not been able to get a decent crack at a White-Tail all year.
    The new year comes early for me though, and all this is behind me.  For the next several days I will camp out tight to a known bedding area, check hopeful trail cameras, and hope for a chance to harvest some meat.
    Christmas brought new prospects for spring and the show season that is approaching, so with deer season out of the way, I've got more to do to prepare for the approaching season.  Pics of this "prospect" will come, but until then, I've got some work ahead of me.

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