Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Something New

    Recently, after shuffling through the stacks of pictures that I have accumulated over the last couple years, I have noticed a pattern, a pattern that should be obvious already.  Of all the pictures I take, few are keepers, and at that, its plain to see why.  Something new that I capture, whether it be a new species or environment, finds its place more readily in the "good" pile than just another picture of a gray squirrel on an oak tree.  Now, I cannot say that these pictures are not valuable, but a couple is enough.
    Living in central Virginia, squirrels and deer are the most abundant and therefore occupy most of the space on my memory card at any given moment, but add a new element such as snow, rain, pine trees, or water, and the picture gains more value--there is nothing exciting about repetition.
    So as an early New Year's Resolution, I plan to photograph a wider range of species and settings, throughout the year.  I have included a few examples of my point in the photographs below.

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