Saturday, March 30, 2013


Less than two months after The Homecoming was published in the Outdoor Report, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries' online newsletter, Adventures Afield broke professional in printed media as a weekly column in the Rural Virginian, due in large part to the inspiration and supportive voices present at the Virginia Outdoor Writers Association (VOWA) annual conference where the essay was recognized as a contest winner.

Now, following the joint annual conference of VOWA and the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association, Adventures Afield has expanded a little more, again, due to the many generous members willing to help a growing writer.  Mr. David Coffman, editor of the Outdoor Report, who has agreed to run Adventures Afield in the Report from time to time, has been particularly friendly and helpful to me in this period.  Thanks, David.

The Outdoor Report is a twice-monthly email newsletter that features Virginia's upcoming game seasons, regulation changes, wild events, and fishing reports submitted by local guides.  The Report also asks for story submissions from young writers, as well as photos of game and fish taken around the state.  So, in addition to sharing your stories and pictures on here, forward them to Mr. Coffman!

Two back issues of Adventures Afield ran in the March 27th edition, one under Chris Dunnavant's The Fishing Spot--read here--and one under "Winning Outdoor Adventure Stories from Young Writers"--read here.  To subscribe to the Outdoor Report, click here.

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