Saturday, December 6, 2014


I've found over the course of my lifetime, all of which I have spent fishing, that tree gods are integral parts of the mountain brook trout fishing experience.  A day on an intimate stream is not complete without a sacrificed fly or half dozen; and only by appeasing the tree spirits is success granted by the rocks and the water.

    THAT is why when I sit down to tie flies for an outing to a particularly tight stream, I tie a half dozen or dozen of each pattern, weight, and color I anticipate fishing, especially when guiding someone new to fly fishing, or who doesn't have the most control over his/her loops.  Not only that, but in the winter time, when, more than most any other time of year, in my opinion, it pays to get down deep in plunge pools and deep runs, flies and split shot wedged under rocks and logs and broken off happen.

    In reality, I don't lose as many flies as I once did, by a longshot.  However, this evening I sat down for an hour and a half to refill my stock of brook trout flies, as they have been dwindling over the past several months.  Two dozen came off the vise, and are ready for action!

A handful of buggy nymphs ready for action!

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