Wednesday, December 31, 2014


As yet another year draws to a close, the third that I have been writing this column, I find myself reveling pensively in the opportunities, both professional and personal, that I’ve been granted and enjoyed throughout its course.

Photo by Matt Reilly
For each memory I am eternally thankful.  Most notable of the past year’s events was the gap semester before college that I embarked on in September, which would not have been possible without the support from my parents and friends, and the opportunity for work that fueled my course.  And with those reflections, I find great excitement in predicting and awaiting what is to come in the approaching year.

    This column marks a change.  My aforementioned gap semester is coming to a close—a period of relatively unregulated exploration drawn tight by the progression of life and bigger things.  As I make the transition into attending Emory and Henry College in just a few days, what I resolve for myself more than anything else is to keep my course deliberate without losing sight of true passions and joys.  Disregarding culturally-imposed weight loss plans and financial goals, I challenge readers to do whatever it takes to stay happy and healthy in the New Year.

    With that, I include the maintenance and growth of this column.  For in reflecting, it is in banging out these short installments week after week, and the altogether positive response I get from it, that I find the most rewarding, despite larger and more in-depth assignments becoming increasingly regular in my work.  Readers of this column share the same woods and waters that I frequent; and it is in association that we can protect, conserve, and continue to enjoy days afield in the Old Dominion for years to come.

    I look forward to continuing to meet members of this family, and sharing information and knowledge learned from all of you.  To all, happy New Year, tight lines, and happy hunting!

Originally published in the Rural Virginian

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