Thursday, January 1, 2015


Two years ago, the second column of the new year was the result of a New Years Day field testing of my new chest waders, entitled "Dressing For a Winter Wade."  Despite the tips offered in that write-up, the most vital step in keeping dry and warm is in regularly checking for and repairing holes, gashes, and thin spots in your waders; and the best preventative measure to take is to own a waterproof sealant that you are confident in.  For me, SG-20 has become that product. 

    SG-20 is an adhesives company that has provided quality, innovative products to the automobile and veterinary industries for more than 20 years.  Now, outdoors enthusiasts will be excited to learn that their most recent project marries a legacy of industrial strength and dependability to recreational applications.

    Recommended for use on neoprene, rubber, canvas, nylon, felt soles, wood, aluminum, steel, polyurethane, cotton, and Gore-Tex® and other breathable fabrics, the new SG-20 is an invaluable tool to all outdoor enthusiasts who expect long life from their gear, as I do.  The product sets in one minute, and is watertight, flexible, and ready for field use within one hour, even on damp surfaces—freshwater or salt.

    Earlier this year, I got my hands on a kit to field test for myself.  I can now say with the utmost confidence that this product is the best sealant I have seen or used—worlds stronger and longer-lasting than the favorite, Aquaseal—and a stronger, easier-to-use, and more versatile adhesive than the common industry favorites.

    My first application involved a pair of seasoned felt-soled wading boots almost totally separated where the rubber midsole meets the the fabric foot liner—trashed after a weekend of garage cleaning.  A zig-zagged bead of SG-20 adhesive along the separation and a minute of constant pressure bonded the two materials and restored the boot’s value.

    My favorite pair of wading boots, a pair of Korkers—a brand featuring interchangeable soles, allowing anglers to utilize the different gripping potentials of felt, rubber, and studs with the same shoe—became my next target.  The plastic button glued into the back of the heel, where a tab on the heel of the snap-in soles secures the sole to the boot, had broken away several months ago, and I was unable to reliably repair it with another adhesive.  A puddle of SG-20 squeezed into the original hole and surrounding the button secured it to the point where I could pull on it with all my strength and not move it.  I have since worn the boots in icy water, tropical climates, and warm saltwater.  The bond remains strong as ever!

    This recommendation comes from someone who is extremely rough on their gear almost every day, yet cannot afford to replace it at a moment’s notice.  Check out and try out this new product for yourself this winter against leaky waders, boots, raingear, and more!

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