Saturday, January 3, 2015


The 2014-15 deer season has come and gone, and I hunted zero days.

    In light of the many other wonderful opportunities I was granted towards the tail end of 2014, the sport that normally occupies me most weekends in the fall and winter went totally ignored.  Much to my chagrin, due to the timeliness of my work load at school, bow season typically grants few opportunities to be in the woods for me.  However, during muzzleloader and general firearms season, I generally find my way to the stand countless times, particularly during the holiday breaks.  I typically harvest about two deer--enough to fill the freezer--and then revert to squirrel hunting or trout fishing.

    Luckily, from what I've heard from a few friends and contacts this season has not been one for the records books.  However, this is not grounded in personal experience.

    Does anyone have an opinion about this year's season?  Who shot bucks?  As always, leave responses in the comments!

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